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The Momo Challenge

Posted Date: 03/01/2019

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There is a lot of information going around about a new viral concern/urban legend/social media fad called "The Momo Challenge."  Although it is hard to know whether these types of things are valid threats, we wanted you to be aware of the details of this challenge.   It's described as a "suicide game" that is happening through YouTube which combines shock imagery and hidden messaging, and it supposedly encourages kids to attempt dangerous stunts, including suicide.  It is associated with a deranged and demonic-looking photo.  Ultimately, whether there is any truth to this challenge going around, we want you to be aware that you MUST be monitoring your child's social media use and limiting the hours they are able to be on the internet unsupervised.  Speak to your kids about the dangers of predators and make sure you are doing all you can to protect and safeguard them on social media platforms.  Below is a helpful infographic for parents.  It includes more information about the Momo challenge as well as topics to discuss with your child.  The guide can also be found by clicking here.  

Parents Guide to the MOMO Challenge


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