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Classroom Policies

Assignment Policy

All assignments should be turned in by the end of the day on the due date. 1 point will be duducted for each day after the due date that an assignment is turned in late. No late work will be accepted after the Friday of the week the work was due. Any unsubmitted work will be marked zero. If an assignment is submitted incomplete, the complete portion will be scored and the incomplete portion will be marked zero.



*Homework is assigned.





*No late work will be accepted after this day.


Behavior Policy


All students are expected to respect others and the learning environment. When a student struggles with this the following steps will be taken. The first option is a warning. The second option is a FIX-IT ticket, signed by the student, along with 25 sentences or 10 minutes of recess. The third option is a FIX-IT ticket, signed by the student and parent,  along with 25 sentences and all of recess. After these options have been exhausted students will be referred to Mr. Love.





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