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Lunch Menu

December 10- 14 


Monday: Super Bun, applesauce, juice, milk

Lunch: Chicken Sandwich, oven fries, salad cup, peaches, rice krispie treat, milk

Tuesday: Ham bar, toast, fruit, juice, milk

Lunch: Chicken fajitas, lettuce/tomato, pinto beans, salsa, mixed berry cup, cookie, milk

Wednesday: Sausage, biscuit, raisins, juice, milk

Lunch: Vegetable soup, cheese toast, salad, ranch, fruit, crackers, milk

Thursday: Blueberry muffin, string cheese, juice, milk

Lunch: Beef strips, salad, ranch, black eyed peas, peaches, milk

Friday: Cereal, cereal bar, raisins, milk

Lunch: Sub sandwich, corn, salad cup, strawberries and bananas, milk




                                                                                                                                                 USDA Is an Equal Opportunity Employer