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Lunch Menu

April 12 – April 16


Monday: French toast, applesauce, juice, milk

Lunch: Chicken and noodles, green beans, carrots, breadstick, mixed fruit, milk


Tuesday: Cocoa puff pastry, fruit, juice, milk

Lunch: Chicken drummies, mixed vegetables, salad, ranch, strawberries, milk

High School: Chicken strips, english peas, salad, ranch, biscuit, milk


Wednesday: Sausage, biscuit, raisins, juice, milk

Lunch: Chicken fried steak, mashed potato, broccoli, peaches, milk


Thursday: poptarts, yogurt, fruit, juice, milk

Lunch Taco salad, pinto beans, salsa, banana bread, pears, milk


Friday: Cereal, cereal bar, raisins, juice, milk

Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich, salad cup, fries, slush, milk

High School: Cheeseburger, salad cup, sweet potato fries, slush milk


USDA is an equal opportunity employer.


Menu subject to change without notice.