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EAST Program

This packet contains five days of work. If we are out of school for inclement weather, you will be expected to complete the packet in order to be counted present for the missed day. One day of work will need to be accomplished for every day we are out. You may submit to me through Google Classroom.  ONLY in the event of a power outage will a handwritten assignment be accepted.  This will afford us the opportunity to end the school year as scheduled.  

     Enjoy your SNOW DAY!!!!

These assignments will need to be answered in paragraph form, with a minimum of 250 words.  Correct grammar, punctuation and writing techniques will be graded as well as for content.  

Day 1:  Recently an entire island was decimated by hurricane.  We often are out of school for a weather related event.  How would you prepare your home and family for a weather related event where the power was off for more than two days?


Day 2:  Your community could be better prepared for emergencies.  What EAST technology could you design to alert our South Side community of weather related emergencies?


Day 3:  Using the technology you described on Day 2, how could an individual or family use the technology to let emergency responders know they need help?


Day 4:  How could GPS and GIS be used to map disaster and recovery zones in our area?


Day 5:  Using your smart phone camera/camera/mom or dad smart phone/any recording device, record some of the disaster that has occured in your area and be prepared to make a short video with editing and sound when you return to school.  Your Google assignment should be what you plan to voice over the video.